Lòfinda is the #1 African wedding planning website in the UK, a platform for engaged couples planning their weddings to find ideas, advice and support.

Establised by Ade Doyin who discovered that the biggest obstacle to planning her own wedding was not combining it with a busy job and life, but the scarcity of “tested and trusted” wedding suppliers who were close by, reasonably priced and provided just the service desired.

Now, no longer just an idea but a great passion, we’re committed to helping couples be best placed for a successful and stress-free wedding planning – resources in hand and verified suppliers right at the tip of the fingers – literally.

From instant access to thousands of suppliers in your area, to requesting a quote, perhaps even entering into negotiations, to seeing what other engaged couples think of the supplier you’re considering, to booking an appointment right at your work desk, while sitting on your sofa in front of the TV, or even during a spa session, whatever you need to get that planning sorted, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll bring you on-trend hairstyles, breath-taking dresses, scrumptious looking cakes and even the most popular wedding flower ideas. You’ll be able to add them to your ‘favorites’ for later or share them with your friends to get their opinion. Like the look of that suppliers but you’re so busy at work you can’t get away from your desk to give them a call? You don’t have to! Book an appointment/consultation straight away and turn up at the agreed time and location.

Now, the only thing in between you and your dream wedding is the ‘Sign Up’ button! What are you waiting for?

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