Abba Knew He Wanted More After That One Conversation – Abba and Shanice’s Love Story

Another church love story! Just like many of our previously featured couples Abba and Shanice met in Church. Ladies and gents, your better half just might be in the church – you should endeavor to attend more often.?.

Abba and Shanice officially met when Abba offered to drive her and a few other acquaintances home after a BBQ party.

Below is their beautiful love story as narrated by Abba:

Abba carrying shanice

How They Met

Myself and Shanice attended the same Church, however, I didn’t actually take notice of her until a mutual friend organised a bbq and I offered to take her and some other new acquaintances home after the festivities. On the way home, we struck a good conversation and I discovered we had quite a bit in common such as working in the automotive industry.

However, I did not take much into consideration until I saw her again in Church and offered to take her home again! As she lived quite close to me at the time and I was still getting to know people in this new church I had joined. Funny enough at the time I was not looking for any relationship of the sort as I just wanted to focus on God, establish my career and build brotherhood but after an hour conversation in the car I knew I wanted the relationship to be more than just a friendship.

What also made it interesting was that she was not looking at marriage or a romantic relationship during the time, I remember asking her if she saw herself getting married and she just replied saying “no and even if I did I would be over 30”, I remember laughing it off in my head thinking that’s not going to stop me, I’m still going to try!

Abba and Shanice

The Process

Soon after that we became close friends, hanged around each other a lot and the rest was history. Having the same circle of friends also helped that!

Although, we cultivated a good relationship over time, we did have some challenges we had to overcome initially, one of them being that Shanice wasn’t too trusting of my intentions towards her because of my past experiences with females and her observations of their advances towards myself. This meant I had to intentionally pursue her and gain her trust over a period of time.  

The proposal

Shanice flaunting her ring

The Proposal

Sometime afterwards, I felt it was the right time to go into the next stage of the relationship, asking her into a courtship which she grilled me about before eventually saying yes (as she was already in love!). Although she gave me a yes then, it was the next yes I was most looking forward to and this time she jumped at the question, saying yes before I even finished the sentence!

 All in all it was a beautiful moment for both of us and we are very much looking forward to all that the future holds. I love her dearly and wouldn’t trade the world for her, I call her heavens gift to me ! 


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