Date Night Turned Proposal – Ashley And Tony’s Love Story

Everyone likes a suprise, especially when you’re surrounded by the people who mean the most to you. Ashely had no idea that a night out with her man, Tony was going to be the beginning of a happily ever after for them.

Now we know you’d want to know how Tony pulled off the most beautiful suprise proposal for Ashley, so keep scrolling and you’d read all about it.

Ashley and Tony's Love Story

How They Met

While Ashley was eating lunch, Tony walked over to say hi. They introduced themselves and quickly realized that they grew up in the exact same neighborhood (Riverdale, Md) 5 minutes from each other. They ended up talking the entire lunch and learned that their parents currently live 5 minutes from each other, they both attended the same schools and frequented the same locations. After that they were best friends. The pair texted, emailed, and FaceTimed from the time they woke up until they went to sleep. They ate breakfast and lunch together and frequented happy hours. Ashley would cook and Tony brought wine.

Ashley and Tony's Love Story

They fell in love over trips to HomeGoods and Carter’s, buying baby clothes for their nieces that were similar in age. They courted for 3 months. Shortly after they moved in together and took trips to Dallas, California and the Dominican Republic. For Ashley’s birthday Tony bought her their first puppy together and they named him Kobe. They later got a second puppy and named him Koda.

Ashley and Tony at a roof top

Moments Leading Up To The Proposal

Tony fell in love with the idea of celebrating Ashley among friends and family. He orchestrated this grand proposal that included fresh roses, a violinist by the name of Marvillous Beats, tons of balloons, pictures over the course of their relationship, a fireplace, candles, huge white and pink LOVE balls, a Marry Me sign and of course the right lighting. Tony told Ashley that they were long overdue for a Date Night a month prior to the big question. Ashley loves a night out and an opportunity to let her hair down.

Here's How Ashley and Tony's Love Story Happened!

Fast forward to January 18, 2020; Tony and Ashley started their evening off at Nocturne Bar an Innovative cocktail bar secluded in an intimate space along the U Street corridor. They both enjoyed a few specialty drinks, pictures and laughs. The pair followed up the evening with dinner at RPM Italian restaurant in North East DC. Tony could sense the evening coming to an end and could only hope that his family and friends prepared the venue back in Maryland to pop the question. As the evening was winding down, drink glasses were empty, Tony and Ashley were ready to head home. Tony could sense that Ashley was anxious to get home to their puppy as she continued to attempt to check the puppy cam on her phone to no avail. Unknown to her, Tony shut the camera off prior to them leaving, due to the family entering in and out of the home to pick up decorations and their beloved puppy.

Tony lying on Ashley's lap

During the ride back home, Tony received a text that the venue was not quite ready yet. In an effort to buy time, he suggested that they make a stop at the grocery store on the way home. Even though she was clearly tired, Ashley agreed to wait in the car while Tony went in to grab a few things. After 30 minutes, the venue was still not ready, in one last attempt to buy more time Tony suggested that they make one last stop at the firehouse restaurant by their house. Ashley reluctantly agrees, and the two stop briefly at the store before Tony received confirmation that the venue was set and everyone was in place waiting.

The Proposal

When they arrived back to MD, Ashley noticed that they were not heading home. They entered the building and could hear the violinist playing her favorite song by James Arthur “Say You Won’t Let Go”. She immediately smiled upon entering the room and as they both soaked up all of the decorations, they stopped, held hands and Tony expressed his love and appreciation for having Ashley in his life. He then got on one knee and asked Ashley to marry him. She said YES with pure joy and happiness and they both embraced, hugged and kissed each other. Both their parents, siblings, cousins and friends came out to surprise her and of course both mothers lead the way into the room with cameras in hand. What made this even more special is that Ashleys 97 year old grandmother took the 1hour long drive to witness this moment with her, her sister flew in from Los Angeles California and her brother from Rensselaer, New York. Seeing these three brought tears to her eyes as she always expected that this moment would only be just the two of them. The pair spent the rest of the evening taking pictures with everyone and celebrating with family and friends. 

Ashley and Tony’s wedding is set for 18th September 2021 and we wish them the absolute best!


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