Five Questions You Should Ask At A Bridal Store

With endless designers and bridal stores available, finding the perfect wedding dress can start to feel like an overwhelming task. It usually involves countless visits to different bridal shops, scheming through bridal magazines & Pinterest, requesting designer portofolios etc. To make the experience easier, we’ve outlined a few questions you should ask at a bridal store when you go wedding dress shopping.

Do You Offer Alterations And Can They Be Done In-House At The Boutique?

Most of the time, you will require alterations, so it’s important to know whether or not the bridal shop offers this service in-house.

Knowing what to expect will help you budget for additional charges beyond the purchase of the dress, as well as the time needed for alteration appointments.

Bridal pantsuit
Bridal pantsuit by @imadeduso_bridal

What’s Your Cancellation/Return Policy?

Sometimes, a bride to be might fall out of love with a dress or cancel her order (if it were a custom dress) for whatever reason. Be sure to check to see if your contract contains those clauses or if the bridal store accommodates that.

However, You’ll have to forgo your deposit or make a partial payment if the designer has already cut the fabric.

Questions You should ask at a bridal store
Wedding dress by @millanova

Do You Stock A Varied Range? (Size, Style And Price)

What’s your budget? Does the boutique stock a range of dresses from designers that are within your budget?

What’s your style? From boho bride to city chic and pretty princess, does your chosen boutique have dresses that match your style?

Stunning bride
Wedding dress by @eseazenabor

How Does The Payment Process Work? Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Most bridal shops accept various forms of payment, and many do offer payment plans. It’s always a good idea to ask because you obviously want to stay on budget and save as much money as you can.

Questions You should ask at a bridal store
Wedding dress by @pistisgh

What’s The Time Frame For Me To Order My Dress?

Ask about when you should order in relation to your wedding date. Ideally, it should be 6-9 months before your big day to make room for any alterations and changes that you might require.

Wedding dress shopping can be really stressful, being armed with the right questions makes it easier and brings you a step closer to finding the dress of your dreams.


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