Five Ways To Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

When the wedding and other accompanying events are over, the next big thing that most brides worry about is what to do with their wedding dress. Deciding what to do with your wedding dress is a tough choice but if you’d rather not have it hanging in your wardrobe and collecting dust, here are five ways to repurpose your wedding dress:

Pass It On To The Next Generation

After marriage comes kids for most most people. Whether you’re already parents, or plan to be in the future, saving your wedding dress for your offspring can be a really nice thing to do with your gown after the wedding. Secondly, you could have a seamstress transform it into a new dress for your little one to wear, perhaps for a special event like a christening or for their first birthday photo shoot.

Wear It For Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

If you have a lot of sentiments attached to your wedding dress and don’t want to use it for a purpose other than for you and your partner, save it with plans to eventually renew your vows.
For a slightly different look, you can have some parts of the dress changed, dyed, embellishments added or removed, or the dress shortened.

This means you will still be wearing your special dress all over again with an up-to-date makeover.

Sell It

Selling your wedding dress is a good way to recoup some of the money you spent on your dress and a bride-to-be gets a great deal too! (a win-win if you ask us).

Donate It To Charity

Making a new bride feel as special and beautiful as you felt is a fitting tribute to the dress and will definitely leave you feeling good about yourself.

If you don’t want to take the hassle of selling your dress and have little to no sentiments attached to it, consider giving it away.

Do A “Trash The Dress” Shoot

On our list, the last of the many ways to repurpose your wedding dress is to do a ‘trash the dress’ shoot.

The trash the wedding dress trend is becoming really popular and could serve as a great way to relieve all the stress from the wedding planning. There are loads of crazy things you can do – paintballing, mud fights, and even taking a splash in the ocean or puddles! For a more sophisticated photo-shoot, take a dip in a beautiful lake at sunrise (or moonrise) to capture an ethereal image.

Having a professional photographer capture the whole thing on camera could make for some great memories for you and your partner and it’s a great idea if you’re stuck on what to do with your wedding dress.

Whether you want to keep your dress, repurpose, or give away your wedding dress, there are alot of creative and innovative ways to put your old wedding dress to good use. Wedding dresses can have a lot of sentimental value, and you can preserve the dress as a keepsake or memento or share these happy memories by selling, donating, or passing down the dress.

Past brides and brides to be, what other ways do you suggest one repurposes their wedding dress? Tell us in the comments below!

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