How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Suit or Tuxedo

If your wedding is just around the corner, you might be on the hunt for a Groom suit that not only makes you stand out from the crowd, but that you can wear on other occasions after the wedding.

While it is true that the spotlight is on the Bride and her outfit on the wedding day, the groom’s attire equally matters and should always complement the bride’s wedding dress. It is important to keep your wedding theme in mind when choosing your wedding outfit, be it a Suit or Tuxedo.

Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect wedding tux:

Consider Your Bride And Groomsmen Outfits

Bride and groom

As the Bride is the focus of the wedding day, you must make sure your outfit complements the bride’s dress.

Groom and groomsmen

For your groomsmen, their outfits should match with yours, but yours must stand out so the guests can easily tell you apart. It is your event and it is important that you and your bride to-be are the main attraction at your wedding.

If You Can, Buy Your Own Suit

How to pick the perfect wedding tux

While most Groom’s might opt for wedding suit rentals, buying yours has its own benefits as you can repurpose it in many ways or keep it as a memento of the happy day.

Accessorise Accordingly

How to pick the perfect wedding tux

Grooms accessories

Wearing the right accessories can boost a man’s confidence and allow his personality and personal style to shine. There are many accessories that could match your wedding outfit including Lapel pins and Boutonnieres, but that doesn’t mean you should wear all of them, choose the one(s) that works best with your type of Suit or Tuxedo.

Keep Your Wedding Theme In Mind

Another very crucial point that you should consider when choosing your wedding suit is the theme of the wedding. It is important that your wedding attire goes well with your wedding theme and colours. Hence, choose the theme prior to buying your tuxedo or wedding suit.

Have more tips on how to pick the perfect wedding suit or tux? Share them below!

If you are in need of some outfit inspiration for yourself and your Groomsmen, take a look at our groom/groomsmen  board on Pinterest.


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