RIVER FLOW PHOTO – Wedding Photographer And Videographer

River Flow Photo is a lifestyle, wedding photography and videography company based in London, United Kingdom.

They’ve have had the pleasure of capturing a variety of beautiful weddings across Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

Karl Lake, principal photographer at River Flow Photo says:

At River Flow Photo we take our time to understand our couples’ story and vision.

Candid and natural? Posed shots? A mixture of both?
We work with them to provide a tailored flow of their day. 

Couples often tell us how their special day goes by in a flash and we’re here to make sure unique moments that’ll be treasured forever are captured.

From initial consultation to the delivery of your bespoke wedding album in the format of your choosing, the River Flow Photo team focus on and captures the moments that matter so that the Bride and Groom can enjoy each second of their best day.

See some more beautiful photos of their work below:

river flow photography lofinda london uk 1

river flow photography lofinda london uk 5

Karl Lake, Principal Photographer at River Flow Photo is a noted fashion and beauty photographer whose work has featured on the fashion and beauty pages of renowned publications including British and Italian Vogue.

With more than a decade of experience Karl and his team will ensure each moment of your special day is beautifully captured in stunning style.

River Flow Photo is a registered and approved LÒFINDA Vendor and their business listing can be accessed by clicking here. You can also find them on Instagram here.

Their website is packed full of useful information. Click here to check it out or book a consultation.


2 thoughts on “RIVER FLOW PHOTO – Wedding Photographer And Videographer

  1. Outstanding work Karl Lake, do you find your videographer has an easier time when working with your own photographer? Sometimes in the UK photographers and videographers seem to fight for the limelight.

    1. Hi Oliver

      The short answer is yes, it is usually easier when it’s one photography/videography team! That said, we do think it’s important to strike up a relationship on the day with other vendors, including videographers/photographers that are not part of our team – after all we are all in the business of capturing the couples’ special day without photographers/videographers in shot!

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