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SEUNDS Jewelry is a bridal jewelry company based in London, United Kingdom. Their collection is elegant and vibrant, designed with captivating semi-precious gemstones, corals, pearls and fine jewelry.

Seun, the lead designer, strives to convey her creativity which fuels passion for jewelry by creating intriguing, timeless and colourful pieces through a careful selection of bead stones and fine jewelry.

Inspired by art, her African roots, the ever-dynamic world of fashion, and the beauty of the imperfections in nature.

Seun of SEUNDS says:

SEUNDS Jewelry is designed for a woman who is confident, fashionable, appreciates fine quality. They’re carefully crafted pieces for the one who values tradition with a modern perspective.

Our collection allows our clients to express their personal aesthetics while letting their individuality shine through our unique pieces.

See more of their beautiful jewelries below:

Seunds Jewelry

Seunds Jewelry

To check out their full collection or to place an order, simply visit their website here.

You may also check them out on Instagram @seundsuk or contact them directly by email here.


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