Tracee and Bilal’s Love Story Is A Must-Read

We loved Tracee and Bilal’s engagement shoot, so we reached out to them to share their love story with us.

From meeting at a bar to an eventual romantic proposal in Rome, Tracee gives us the lowdown of everything that’s happened leading up to that beautiful moment.

How We Met:

We met at a popular bar in Atlanta on a summer night in 2015. Bilal was celebrating his friend’s birthday and I was having a girl’s night with a few sorority sisters.

First Date:

Bilal took me to a professional dancing class on our first date. It was so fun and different, I knew he was special. 

Proposal: April 1, 2019

While on vacation in Rome, Italy, Bilal took me to dinner at a restaurant that overlooked the Roman Forum. We were discussing how blessed we were to travel internationally and having a conversation of gratitude for all of God’s blessings. All of a sudden, Bilal started telling me how much he loves me and next thing I knew, he was on his knee! He was down there for a minute because I was crying so hard! 

Tracee and Bilal’s wedding is set for 3rd July 2021 and we’re so excited for them! Enjoy some beautiful pictures from their Engagement shoot below:

Tracee and Bilal's


Tracee @yungtrace
Bilal @boadams6

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